Transmit electronically from factories to agencies:
Eliminate data entry and save time and resources

Electronic Sales Information (eSi) is the electronic distribution of sales information from manufacturer to sales agencies. The eSi module can replace hours of data entry with a quick and easy process of automatically importing sales information from manufacturers that email or send a disk of their sales information. The following drawing depicts how rapidly the transfer of information occurs with eSi, versus the standard method of sending invoices and commission statements through the mail.

Typical sales information flow: 60 days or more


eSi information flow: Minutes

Instantly, after data processing, sales data files are electronically-ready for distribution to sales agencies via diskette, email, or Internet download.

Time-consuming manual distribution processes are virtually eliminated.

The move to eSi requires a simple change in an administrative process on the part of the manufacturer: instead of paper reports, the manufacturer produces a spreadsheet that contains the same information and sends it via email to sales agencies. The manufacturer buys no special software, no additional hardware and actually saves money by reducing paper, postage and administrative support costs. The agency receives the information on the same day the manufacturer sends it. The agency can then process the information immediately and if desired, distribute it to sales reps in the field.


eSi virtually eliminates manual data entry. Information is automatically uploaded to the agency database, with a few mouse clicks.

The eSi process

The agency receives data from the manufacturer via email, CD, or Internet download. No more waiting days or months for data.
Data is provided in a standard comma-delimited (.csv) format or spreadsheet, for automatic upload to the agency database. Data entry is eliminated and so are operator errors.

The agency processes the file to identify new or first-time customers and to balance total sales and commission amounts. Files are updated using dynaMACS’ easy on-screen error correction and new customer lookup capabilities. Your manufacturer customer codes are automatically matched to dynaMACS’ codes.

No “end-of-month” close. The database is automatically updated:  sales rep and calculation of commission splits are instantly assigned and imported data is readily available for reporting and distribution to field sales reps.

It is literally that easy. Giving you instant access to vital sales analysis and commission information, dynaMACS is a fast, flexible and reliable way of managing sales and commission data.