Tip #1602 – Did You Know That You Can “Catalog” (Save) Your Commonly Used Reports

The Sales Analysis report feature in dynaMACS provides the ability to save a sales analysis report by “cataloging” it.  This eliminates the need to re-enter the report criteria each time you need to run the report by selecting it from the Catalog drop down menu in the Sales Analysis Reports screen.  The following are examples of creating, retrieving and deleting catalogs.

Creating a Catalog:

  1. After selecting your report criteria in the Sales Analysis Reports screen, select the Save button at the top of the screen.
  2. In the Catalog Report As box, enter a name for your report in the Name field and select the OK button.
    Sales Analysis Reports Screen

Retrieving a Catalog:

  1. To access your saved catalogs from the Sales Analysis Reports screen, select the Down Arrow next to the Catalog field and then select the catalog for the report you want to print.Sales Analysis Reports Screen (2)

Deleting a Catalog:

  1.  From the Sales Analysis Reports screen, select the Down Arrow next to the Catalog field and then select the catalog that you wish to delete.Sales Analysis Reports Screen (3)
  2. Once the catalog is displayed; select the Delete button at the top of the Sales       Analysis Reports screen to delete the catalog.
    Sales Analysis Reports Screen (4)

Tip #1601 – Looking up and Changing Information “on-the-fly” in Sales Entry

dynaMACS provides the ability to look up detailed information, make changes or add a location  “on-the-fly” during sales entry.


In the following example we will look up the details of the Customer Adel’s Dist/Cinci while in the Sales Entry screen.

  1.  From the Sales Entry screen enter the Manufacturer code.  For this example we will use LJM.
  2. Select the look up button next to the Customer field which will open the Customer       Viewer screen with all customers for the selected manufacturer displayed.
  3. Highlight the customer.  For this example we will select Adel’s Dist/Cinci.
  4. Select the Details button.  This screen will display all of this customer’s details.
  5. You may make additions or modifications.
  6. To return to the Sales Entry screen, select the Exit button at the bottom of the screen.

Sales Entry-Cust Viewer-Note

Tip #1512 – Finding Customers for a Certain Manufacturer Easily Using the Smart View Locator

You can find customers in a zip code that buy from a particular manufacturer by using the Smart View Locator from the Manufacturer Viewer screen.


In the following example we will look for customers that buy from the manufacturer Lee Jacob Mfg (LJM) in the zip code area beginning with 440 and then display the sales activity for one customer, Adel’s Dist/Cinci.

  1. From the Main dynaMACS screen select the Manufacturer Viewer icon.
    Main Screen
  2. From the Manufacturer Viewer screen highlight the manufacturer Lee Jacob Mfg (code LJM)
  3. Select Open Smart View Locator.Open Smart View Locator
  4. Enter 440 in the Zip Code field in the Locator dialog box.
  5. Select the Locate button.Locator
  6. The Customer Viewer screen will display all customers that buy from Lee Jacob Mfg in the zip code beginning with 440.
  7. Highlight the customer Adel’s Dist/Cinci and right click.
  8. Select Open Sales IQ.Open SIQ
  9. The Sales IQ screen will be displayed showing the sales activity for the customer Adel’s   Dist/Cinci buying from the manufacturer Lee Jacob Mfg.SIQ
  10. From here you can select the Up and Down arrows to see additional customers.SIQ Green Arrows

Case Study: R C Bremer Marketing Associates, Inc.

 “Before implementing dynaMACS eSi, four people manually entered thousands of invoices. With eSi, one person enters all data. It saves us huge amounts of time and money. ”

Joe Falk, President
R.C. Bremer Marketing Associates, Inc.

RCBremer_LogoClient  Challenge

 Since beginning his career with R.C. Bremer 18 years ago, Joe Falk was a sales rep, obtained CPMR certification, specialized in safety and eventually purchased the company from Bob Bremer in 2007.

During the transition, Falk was glad that he and the team had selected dynaMACS as its agency software in 2003 because “it’s rep-specific. dynaMACS understands how we work and what we’re looking for,” Falk says. Having the right software in place was one less thing that required Falk’s time and attention during the transition.

RCBremer_StatisticsdynaMACS Solution

R.C. Bremer reaps the benefits of dynaMACS’ features that enable the agency to operate more efficiently and effectively, including:


With dynaMACS eSi the agency imports manufacturers’ sales invoices and reports electronically. “Before implementing eSi, end-of-month was a nightmare. Four people manually entered thousands of invoices. Now, one person enters all data. It saves us huge amounts of time and money,” Falk says.

Sales IQ

With Sales IQ, he looks at customer data in various ways. For example: “I look at this year’s versus last year’s data to see which lines are up or down.” he says. He is able to monitor the agency’s performance using recent sales and commission figures.

Commission tracking

Falk also tracks commissions. “Manufacturers are 30 to 60 days behind. We don’t get paid until they get paid.”

dynaMACS Mobile

R.C. Bremer sales reps can “take dynaMACS on the road.” They are able to download up-to-date numbers, so they have complete information on their territory.

For R.C. Bremer, dynaMACS has been the trusted solution for tracking sales and commissions and paying reps for more than 12 years…and going strong.

Tip #1511 – Transferring History to Current Sales Rep

Enhanced Sales Rep Transfer

The Transfer Sales Rep History has been enhanced and moved to the Manufacturer/Customer/Sales Rep Transfer/Combine 1 screen.  In previous versions of dynaMACS selecting the Update History to Current Sales Rep from the Edit>File Transfer/Combine menu would launch the following screen:

Update History Old Screen

In dynaMACS 2015

  1. In dynaMACS 2015 when selecting the Update History to Current Rep from the Edit>File Transfer/Combine menu the following dialog box will now appear.  Select the OK button which will reroute you to the Manufacturer/Customer/Sale Rep Transfer/Combine 1 screen to complete the transfer of sales rep history.

Update History Has Moved


2.  Enter the previous Sales Rep code in the Sales Rep field on the left hand side of the screen.

3. Check the Assigned Rep box.

4. If there are commission splits to be transferred, select the checkbox for Transfer Commission Splits to this Sales Rep?

5.  Select the Proceed  button to complete the transfer.

Transfer Combine Screen with Notes


Case Study: BNT Sales Agency Limited

 “Before buying software, I did my homework. For every question or need I had, dynaMACS had a solution.”

Wade Wohlford, President / Welding Specialist
BNT Sales Agency

BNT_Sales_Agency_LogoClient Challenge

Spreadsheets used to be the rudimentary but necessary tool for BNT Sales Agency to track agency performance. The utilitarian process was time-consuming and limiting, showing only basic information. BNT needed more: the ability to see in-depth, organized sales and commission information.

When Wade Wohlford, President of BNT Sales Agency, saw a demonstration of dynaMACS at a trade show, he saw a world of opportunity; a wealth of sales and commission data at his disposal anytime – and the ability to see the agency in ways never before possible.

BNT_Sales_Agency_StatisticsdynaMACS Solutions

“I did my homework, comparing various brands of software. For every question or need I had, dynaMACS had a solution,” Wohlford says.

dynaMACS combines sales and commission information for all manufacturers, customers and sales reps in one database. Sortable, filterable data enables Wohlford and his team to see exactly the information they need, in the ways they want to see it.

With the ability to view data, sorted by manufacturer, customer or sales rep – and much more, “I can look at a quick snapshot of customer and manufacturer numbers, or analyze in-depth data,” he says. Wohlford sees which territories are up or down, “We can identify which product lines to focus on.”

Wohlford says he also looks at year-over-year data, comparing this year to last for a full understanding of agency performance.

When it comes to analyzing sales, paying reps and tracking commissions, dynaMACS went beyond meeting BNT Sales Agency’s individual and specific needs. It changed the way agency operates.