Tip #1503 – Using the Sales Rep Viewer to List Customers in Various Sequences

dynaMACS can help you make sales calls more efficiently by using the Sort Feature in the Sales Rep Viewer screen.  You can access your customer and contact data sorting it by city, state, zip code, phone # or any column heading in the Sales Rep Viewer screen which will group your customers based on the heading that you sort on.

Sorting in the Sales Rep Viewer Screen

In the following example we will sort Customers by Zip Code for all of Jim Black’s (JB) customers.

  1. From the Sales Rep Viewer screen highlight the sales rep code.
  2. Select the Customers tab.
  3. Click on the column heading Zipcode.  You will notice that all of the customers are now   displayed in order by Zip Code.Sales Rep ViewerNote_SalesRepViewer