Automatic set-up and product updates

Accessing the agency network remotely, dynaMACS sets up the Cloud access and users simply click the dynaMACS icon on their computer or mobile device and dynaMACS opens, ready to use. Because dynaMACS on the Cloud is web-based, product updates and new releases happen automatically and are available the next time agencies log into the cloud.

Mobility on all devices

With dynaMACS on the Cloud, you can access all of your sales and commission information with just a few taps on your iPad or other hand held device anywhere an Internet connection is available. Imagine sitting in a client meeting and having the ability to display their sales information directly on your iPad or iPhone? And then from there, emailing that client a snapshot of the very image you are discussing? With dynaMACS on the Cloud you can achieve that and so much more.

Two options are available to suit your agency needs:

“Agency on the Cloud”

The agency database and programs reside on the cloud.  All entry and processing is done on the cloud.  dynaMACS  Mobile users access their information on the cloud.  This option is best suited for agencies with multiple offices or a need for the people entering data to access from more than one location.

Key Benefits:

  • Multiple Offices accessing 1 database
  • Upgrades are automatic
  • Eliminate the need for expensive in-agency servers

“dynaMACS Mobile Cloud Access”

The agency database and programs reside at the agency.  All entry and processing is done at the agency.  However, dynaMACS  Mobile users access their data on the cloud.
Key Benefits:

  • Sales reps don’t need to import files
  • Get the data faster
  • A few keystrokes and everyone has up-to-date data
  • Ability to use iPad (or other tablets) in a presentation