What You get with dynaMACS?

Everyone at dynaMACS is dedicated to providing the assistance you need to begin using dynaMACS software successfully. With your purchase you receive:

  • Installation Kit
  • On-line Help
  • Other Instructional Materials
  • 60 days free enrollment in dynaCARE (see below). Once this period ends, you can renew your enrollment or you can choose to use Pay-As-You-Go support service.
  • Guaranteed satisfaction. If you are not completely satisfied with dynaMACS, return it for a refund, less a 15% restocking fee, within 30 days of shipment.

dynaCARE Overview

Enrollment in dynaCARE support program entitles you to:

  • Unlimited dynaMACS Software Support
  • The highest priority for your incoming support calls
  • All dynaMACS software upgrades for the purchased modules, downloadable from the “Members Only” area on our website
  • Access to technical support areas on our website
  • Training discounts
  • Discounts on Non-dynaMACS related assistance

Protect Your Investment

To ensure the best return on your dynaMACS software investment and to maximize its performance, we recommend you follow the guidelines below. Minimum software and hardware requirements are available here.

Installation Planning and Training

Work with your dynaMACS Support Coordinator to formulate an implementation plan. Identify your training requirements and a training schedule if applicable. Discuss running parallel systems if you are currently using another system, and its impact on your operations.

Backups are Necessary

Incorporate a backup procedure in your plan and follow it without fail. A reliable backup system provides the best, and often the only insurance against system, operator and utility failures.

Designated dynaMACS Contact at the Agency

Assign one person to be your dynaMACS and dynaMACS Mobile designated contact person. This is the best way to reduce duplication of services and to avoid miscommunication. This person should be the one to always contact dynaMACS Technical Support. All dynaMACS Mobile remote users should funnel their questions through the designated person.

Software Upgrades

dynaMACS periodically issues upgrades to enhance the software and to improve system performance. dynaCARE members automatically receive all software upgrades to the modules they have purchased. Non-dynaCARE users may purchase the software upgrades at the currently published price.

We will advise you via e-mail when these upgrades are ready for download from our website. Release notes, describing current changes, are included with every revision. Most new features and enhancements are the result of suggestions and requests from our users.