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Software Benefits

 Standard System
  • Database
  • Sales/ Commission Entry
  • Sales IQ
  • Report Generator
  • Mailing Lists

 Optional Add-ons
  • dynaMACS Mobile 
  • Electronic Sales Info
  Commission Reconciliation
  • Goal Tracking
  • Network Users
  • cRm
  • Cloud

 Software Support Plan
  • dynaCARE


dynaMACS: Single User Database

The database is the foundation of the dynaMACS system, which stores all your manufacturer, customer and sales rep information. It is the fundamental component for organizing sales agency information and activities,  giving you quick access to vital information.

With this powerful database of information, you can analyze sales trends, choose how you want to view information, calculate commissions and customize reporting to meet your agency's unique needs.


Customer Viewer

  • Quick way to know all the details.
  • Add or edit records on-the-fly from anywhere.
  • Access the same Viewers from all screens.
  • Built-in security prevents accidentally deleting records.

Customer Viewer

  • Allows a large Notes area per customer for free-form entry.

  • These notes can be sent to dynaMACS Mobile Users.


Customer Viewer

  • The X-Reference tab instantly shows any relationships setup with manufacturers and their customer codes.
  • It also shows any commission overrides.

Customer Screen

  • The customer screen enables your agency to maintain pertinent information about the customers your agency sells to.

  • The primary sales rep responsible for the customer is assigned.

  • There are numerous user-defined classifications available for sorting, filtering and reporting sales and commission info:  State/Region, Customer Type, Customer ABC Code, Division and Related-To (Buying Group).



Manufacturer Viewer

  • Manufacturer Viewer here shows all the relationships setup with customers.
  • Having manufacturer's  customer code makes it easier when talking to the manufacturers' sales manager about certain customer.
  • Also, shows any commission overrides for a specific manufacturer/customer arrangement.

Manufacturer Screen

  • This screen enables your agency to maintain pertinent information about the manufacturers you represent.

  • "Type" and "Related-To" provide for classifying manufacturers by a category or parent for sorting and filtering reports.

  • There are also numerous options to aid in the reconciliation of commission statements.


Sales Rep Viewer

  • Consistent interface allows you to maintain general information about the sales reps.

  • A commission split percentage allows automatic calculation of sales rep commissions.


Sales Rep Screen

  • This screen enables your agency to maintain pertinent information about the Sales Reps in your agency.

  • The commission split percentage is used to calculate the sales rep's compensation based upon a percent of the agency commission.

  • The "Branch" and "Related-To" fields provide ways to classify this sales rep for sorting, filtering and combining sales information.  


dynaMACS features

  • Standard user interface
    Find, view and update customer, manufacturer and sales rep information.
  • Search engine capabilities
    A built-in search engine provides powerful look-up capabilities, so you can retrieve customer, manufacturer or sales information by code (ID), name, address, city, zip code, telephone number or fax number, or create your own custom fields
  • Email
    Instantly transmit any highlighted record using email
  • Input classification
    Instant validation and look-up of classification input fields
  • Notes
    dynaMACS contains a free-form notes area for master files. Log contact information, purchases, database changes, reminders and much  more
  • Segment information
    dynaMACS enables you to view reports by the classification you use most. For example, segment customers by state, region, market, buying group, ship to, type (wholesaler vs. retailer) and more.
  • Customer/manufacturer exceptions
    With dynaMACS, you can identify exceptions specific to a customer or manufacturer, such as commission rate overrides, different sales reps, split commissions, manufacturer customer codes

The bottom line: Results. Are you getting this from your agency software? Don't wait. Get the dynaMACS edge today.

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