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Software Benefits

 Standard System
  • Database
  • Sales/ Commission Entry
  • Sales IQ
  • Report Generator
  • Mailing Lists

 Optional Add-ons
  • dynaMACS Mobile 
  • Electronic Sales Info
  Commission Reconciliation
  • Goal Tracking
  • Network Users
  • cRm
  • Cloud

 Software Support Plan
  • dynaCARE


Mailing Lists

Improve communications with customers

Using dynaMACS in conjunction with a label/merge functions standard in many programs, such as Microsoft Word, you can easily manage correspondence with your customers. This feature also allows you to transfer name and address information from dynaMACS into contact management databases.

The mailing list feature comes standard with your purchase of dynaMACS. Select customers by various criteria such as zip code, area code, customer type and more -- or combinations of these. In addition, you can filter your selection by manufacturer, to provide labels only for customers who have a relationship with a specific manufacturer.

You can send notices on pricing, new products, discontinued products and any other information deemed pertinent to that customer group.

Mailing Lists  

Improve Communications

Using dynaMACS in conjunction with other programs such as Microsoft Word to create mail merges, form letters, labels, envelops, email lists and broadcast faxes.

This screen illustrates how to find customers that meet the following criteria:

  • in the state of Ohio

  • on agency's "A" list

  • that are active

  • that also buy from manufacturer LJM - Lee Jacob Mfg.

Mailing Lists  

Create your list or labels in 3 simple steps.

This image shows the labels created using the search criteria on the previous screen to locate the clients for an advertising mailing.

dynaMACS Help includes step-by-step instructions to create labels using Microsoft Word.

Create your mailing list in 3 simple steps

  1. Use built-in filter/selection screen to identify the desired customers and export the data to a file for use by other programs.
  2. Using the 3rd party software, identify and merge the file created by dynaMACS.
  3. Create labels, mail merges, form letters, email lists and more -- or simply update an external database.




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