Tip #1506 – Using the dynaMACS Manufacturer X-Reference File “Source Code ” to Classify Groups

The Source Code field in the Manufacturer X-Reference file provides dynaMACS users with a powerful reporting tool.  As an example, all customers that buy that “line” through a buying group could be identified using the “Source Code”.  This tip will explain how to accomplish this.

Updating the Manufacturer/Customer Cross-Reference with a Source Code.

  1. From the Manufacturer Viewer screen, highlight the manufacturer.  In this example we have selected the manufacturer Lee Jacob Mfg.
  2. Select the X-Reference tab.
  3. Highlight the Customer.  In this case the customer is Adel’s Dist/Cinci.  If the X-Reference for a particular customer is not set up, you can do so by selecting the Add button.
  4. Select the Edit button.Mfg Viewer
  5. From the Manufacturer/Customer Cross-Reference Maintenance screen select the Binocular button to the right of the Source field.
  6. From the Customer Viewer screen select the Customer.  In the following example we will use the ABC Buying Group.  Double click on this customer.Customer Viewer
  7. You will be back in the Manufacturer/Customer Cross-Reference Maintenance screen and the Source Code field will be populated with the selected Source Code.
  8. Select the Save button and then select the Exit button.Mfg-Cust X-ref

Filtering on an X-Ref Source Code to Include in the Sales IQ Screen

  1. From the Sales IQ screen select the manufacturer.
  2. Select the Customers tab.
  3. Select the Filter button.Sale IQ
  4. In the X-Reference section at the bottom of the screen make sure “Starts With” is selected and enter the Source code for source “ABCB00” in both fields to the right.  This is the Source that was used for this example.
  5. Select “Include This Range”.
  6. Select the Apply button.Filters
  7. The Filters screen will close bringing you back to the Sales IQ screen which will refresh displaying the filtered data.  As you can see in the example below, only the customers for the manufacturer Lee Jacob Mfg that are in the buying group will be displayed in the list. Sale IQ 2

Case Study: Big East Sales Team

 “dynaMACS is designed specifically for sales agencies, so it has all the features I need to manage my business more effectively. There’s nothing like it in the industry.”

Ron Remer, Partner
Big East Sales Team

BigEast_LogoClient Challenge

When Ron Remer founded IdeaRep (which now does business as Big East Sales Team, with Dan Pigott of DP Marketing) it was back in the 1990s: the start of the computer age. At the time, this forward-looking agency realized the computer’s potential for managing a business, but could find no software that was designed for multi-line reps. “When making a sales call, I had to manually compile some sort of numbers to review with the customer,” Remer explains. “It took too much time and didn’t look very professional.” Then, he was introduced to dynaMACS’ predecessor: MACS software. Suddenly, the agency had a clear picture of what their suppliers and distributors were doing – where sales were up and where they were down. When dynaMACS, an easy-to-use Windows based version, was introduced a few years later, the agency was on-board immediately.

Big_East_StatisticsdynaMACS Solution

“dynaMACS is not only easy-to-use, with access to any data I want in a few mouse clicks, but it’s also designed specifically for sales agencies, so it has all the features I need to manage my business more effectively,” Remer says.

Remer can run reports in a variety of ways: by supplier, distributor or sales territory. For example, he can look at any individual supplier and who their best customers are. He can sort by state, by zip code and much more. Then, he can see numbers for any individual distributor. He even brings those reports to sales meetings. “The reports really impress my customers. It’s a competitive advantage for me,” he says. “And sometimes, those reports serve as an eye opener for distributors. They may think they’re giving me lots of business, but their individual report may show the opposite. The facts are undeniable, and I’m able to turn that into a growth opportunity.”

Remer is so impressed with the software, that he’s become a proponent. “I recommend dynaMACS to my peers all the time. There’s nothing like it in the industry.”