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Empowering Systems to join forces with Repfabric

Empowering Systems to join forces with Repfabric  Alignment Broadens Product Offerings and Expands Customer Base  Southborough, MA May 17, 2024 – Empowering Systems, Inc. today announced it has joined forces with Repfabric, LLC. of Tampa, FL. Empowering Systems has been developing software solutions for manufacturers and representatives for 30 years and Repfabric for over 10 […]

AccountManager CRM and ISA SalesWerks Level 1.0 Certification

Empowering Systems is excited to be working closely with Ed Gerber, President, and CEO of ISA to ensure that AccountManager CRM not only supports ISA SalesWerks Level 1.0 certification but exceeds the requirements.  It is important to Empowering Systems that we work as a team with all of our clients so they can be leaders of their industry. Our CRM system has the features that ISA SalesWerks certified reps are looking for and more.    Here are just a few:    […]

CRM Key Features

Now that more businesses are opening it’s time to look at your business tools. Are they meeting your needs? Do they keep your sales teams in front of customers rather than doing administrative work?  One critical tool is your CRM, make sure you are set up with a good CRM system that helps you work smarter, not harder. Make sure you know what functions a powerful CRM system should have. Here are a […]

Doors are opening, These tips will get you back to business

Life is starting to get back to normal, well at least a new normal. Now is a great time to do a check in. Do you have all the tools you need to hit the ground running and be more successful than ever before?  Customers are slowly starting to open their doors again. Get prepared and ready to get back on the road… here are few tips that can help.    Review your sales numbers. Look at trends to see […]