Tip #1310 – Transferring history from one sales rep to another sales rep

In our Tip #1309 we talked about using the Global Update feature to update customer information. When using that feature to change sales reps, history records are not updated. This allows for multiple sales reps to have history under a single customer. However, many agencies DO want to have all prior sales history assigned to the new sales rep. By using the Update History to Current Rep feature, you can easily move the history from the old rep to the new rep. The following steps outline this process.

  1. To access the Update History to Current Rep feature, select File>File Transfer/Combine>Update History to Current Rep.Main Screen
  2. If you have not created a restore point prior to selecting the Update History to Current Rep <feature, you will be prompted to do so.SnapshotStep2_Warning
  3. After the Restore Point process is complete the Update History dialog box will appear. Enter the OLD sales rep code where the history resides.
  4. Select the Update button.Step3_Warning
  5. Select the Yes button on the Caution dialog box to continue.Caution
  6. The Update History dialog box will appear while the records are being updated. This dialog box will close when the update is complete.Update History Screen 2

Case Study: Ralph E. Russell Co., Inc.

“Once we used dynaMACS we were hooked. We wouldn’t use any other software for tracking sales and commissions.”

Cathy Pierstorff
Ralph E. Russell Co., Inc.

Ralph_E_Rusell_LogoClient Challenge

Back in 2002, Ralph E Russell, a sales agency in the automotive hardware, industrial and agriculture industry, had had it with their old software. “It was a custom-written program, and there were so many glitches. Nothing was easy and we spent too much time fixing mistakes,” says office manager and operator Cathy Pierstorff.

Ralph_E_Russell_StatisticsdynaMACS Solution

All that changed after Ralph E. Russell Co. saw a demo of dynaMACS. Once the agency made the switch, tracking sales and commissions was never the same. “Once we used dynaMACS, we were hooked. We wouldn’t use any other software program for tracking sales and commissions,” Pierstorff says.

She was impressed that dynaMACS seamlessly transferred a year’s worth of sales and commission numbers from the old software. The agency didn’t lose any information, and Pierstorff says the software was so user friendly, the agency was up and running with no downtime.

“dynaMACS has made sales and commission processes more organized and less time consuming,” Pierstorff, a long-time dynaMACS user, says.

With dynaMACS, the Ralph E. Russell team has instant on-screen access to all sales and commission information. The agency can analyze sales trends, choose how they want to view information, calculate commissions and customize reporting.

dynaMACS gives us the ability to access sales information, sales trends and profitability accurately throughout the year. It’s a very valuable tool for our company, said R.E. (Butch) Russell.

When the team at Ralph E. Russell agency found dynaMACS, they found an efficient and easy way to analyze sales, pay reps and track commissions.