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Tip #1604 – Did you Know that the Customer State and City can be Printed on Your Sales IQ Reports?

When selecting the Print button from the Sales IQ Customer screen, the report does not display the customer’s state and city as you can see in the example below.  This tip will give you instructions to change your printing options enabling you to print that information on the Sales IQ Customer report. Example   Printing […]

Tip #1602 – Did You Know That You Can “Catalog” (Save) Your Commonly Used Reports

The Sales Analysis report feature in dynaMACS provides the ability to save a sales analysis report by “cataloging” it.  This eliminates the need to re-enter the report criteria each time you need to run the report by selecting it from the Catalog drop down menu in the Sales Analysis Reports screen.  The following are examples […]

Tip #1601 – Looking up and Changing Information “on-the-fly” in Sales Entry

dynaMACS provides the ability to look up detailed information, make changes or add a location  “on-the-fly” during sales entry. Example: In the following example we will look up the details of the Customer Adel’s Dist/Cinci while in the Sales Entry screen.  From the Sales Entry screen enter the Manufacturer code.  For this example we will […]