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Tip #1507 – Using the dynaMACS Sample Database to Experiment with dynaMACS Software without Using Your Live Data

The following tip will show you how to switch to the dynaMACS Sample Database so that you can explore and perform agency activities on a sample database which will not affect your live data. Switching to the Sample Database  From the dynaMACS main menu select File>Preferences. 2.   Select Sample from the drop down list in […]

Case Study: Don Green Sales Co., Inc.

“dynaMACS’ commission reconciliation module saves us thousands of dollars each year.   We would be lost without it.” Kelly Hodges, VP of Finance / Marketing Coordinator Don Green Sales Co., Inc. Client Challenge When Don Green Sales Co. Inc., compares “the old days” of manually tracking sales and commissions to today with dynaMACS software, Marketing Director […]

Tip #1506 – Using the dynaMACS Manufacturer X-Reference File “Source Code ” to Classify Groups

The Source Code field in the Manufacturer X-Reference file provides dynaMACS users with a powerful reporting tool.  As an example, all customers that buy that “line” through a buying group could be identified using the “Source Code”.  This tip will explain how to accomplish this. Updating the Manufacturer/Customer Cross-Reference with a Source Code. From the […]

Case Study: Big East Sales Team

 “dynaMACS is designed specifically for sales agencies, so it has all the features I need to manage my business more effectively. There’s nothing like it in the industry.” Ron Remer, Partner Big East Sales Team Client Challenge When Ron Remer founded IdeaRep (which now does business as Big East Sales Team, with Dan Pigott of […]