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Case Study: E.H. & Associates

 “dynaMACS is designed specifically for sales agencies’ unique needs with features and functions to help us operate efficiently and grow the business.” Greg Baumker, President E.H. & Associates, LLC Client Challenge E.H. & Associates had built a custom sales tracking software using Microsoft Access. But the agency had to continually re-write the program to update […]

Case Study: Mega Western

 “With dynaMACS, we are able to create reports faster and easier than any other method we’ve tried.” Dawn Farabee, Office Manager Mega Western Client Challenge Mega Western’s previous agency software was no longer being supported or updated. When Mega Western had questions or needed help, they were left to their own devices. As time went […]

Case Study: Pacesetter Sales & Associates

 “The savings in overhead costs is astronomical. eSi reduced  data entry time from hours to minutes, and saved us from having to hire another administrative resource.” Craig Lindsay, CPMR, President Pacesetter Sales & Associates Client Challenge As Pacesetter Sales & Associates watched business continue to grow, it also saw overhead costs rise, as thousands of […]

Tip #1501 – dynaMACS HELP Options

The dynaMACS Help menu provides several resource options for information and quick access to assistance within the dynaMACS program.  The following tip will explain the options available. You can access the Help menu from the menu bar. Selecting the What’s New… option will open a PDF document that contains information about new functionality in your […]