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Tip #1505 – Using dynaMACS Manufacturer X-Reference File Type Code

The following tip explains how to categorize certain manufacturer’s customers so that you can include them or exclude them from the Sales IQ screen by using the Filter option. Adding a Type Code and Updating the Manufacturer/Customer Cross-Reference Maintenance From the Manufacturer Viewer screen, highlight the manufacturer.  In this example we have selected the manufacturer Lee […]

Case Study: Singer Carpet Corp.

 “dynaMACS makes my life easier. I always know how the business is performing year-over-year.” Mark Singer, President Singer Carpet Corporation Client Challenge When Singer Carpet Corp. was founded in the late ‘70s, the concept of sales agency software was foreign to most sales agencies. They made due with paper records and rudimentary reports. Singer knew […]

Tip # 1504 – Using dynaMACS GlobalView to see your top relationships

Overview GlobalView is a new analytical concept developed by dynaMACS and is unique to dynaMACS Software.  Users now have the ability to view all Customer/Manufacturer relationships on a single screen.  Prior to this unique feature, users had to drill down from either Customers or Manufacturers to see these records.  Now users can easily and quickly […]

Case Study: Sharp Incentives

“You don’t have to be a software developer to understand how it works. dynaMACS does the work and I get the information I need quickly, without hassles.” Tasha Sharp, President Sharp Incentives Client Challenge Sharp Incentives’ previous sales agency software was difficult to use and required great effort to understand how to navigate to the […]

Case Study: E.H. & Associates

 “dynaMACS is designed specifically for sales agencies’ unique needs with features and functions to help us operate efficiently and grow the business.” Greg Baumker, President E.H. & Associates, LLC Client Challenge E.H. & Associates had built a custom sales tracking software using Microsoft Access. But the agency had to continually re-write the program to update […]