Tip #1403 – Using Sales Entry Options to Customize Your Sales Entry Screen

To increase efficiency during sales entry, you can customize some settings temporarily for the current session or permanently for all sessions. You can even have different customized settings for each manufacturer.

Changing “Sales Entry Options” Default Settings

  1. From the dynaMACS main screen menu options select Process Sales Entry Options.DM Main Screen
  2. The Sales Entry Options window will open. Each customizable option correlates to a field on the Sales Entry screen.
  3. Select the applicable options from each drop down list and then choose the Apply button to apply these settings to the current session. Select the Save button to save these settings as the default settings for all future sessions.These default settings apply to all manufacturers without an established record in Sales Entry Options. See the next section in this document on Changing Sales Entry Options for a Manufacturer to customize sales entry for a manufacturer.Sales Entry Screen 1

Changing Sales Entry Options for a Manufacturer

The Sales Entry Options screen also allows you to create customized entry options for individual manufacturers by selecting a manufacturer, choosing the applicable options and then selecting the Save button.  Once you have sales entry options saved for a manufacturer, each time you enter sales for this manufacturer the Sales Entry screen will reflect the options chosen here for that manufacturer.

  1. From the Sales Entry Options screen select the Manufacturer radio button and enter the Manufacturer Code.
  2. Select the applicable options from each drop down list and then choose the Save button. These options will be saved for all Sales Entry sessions for that manufacturer.Sales Entry Screen 2

Field Descriptions and Available Options for Customizing Sales Entry fields:

Set Focus to Mfg After Save – Selecting Yes will save the settings so that after saving an entry the Mfg code is saved for the next sales entry.  Selecting No will leave the Mfg field blank for the next sales entry.

Customer – Allows you to select the customer using Customer Code, Manufacturer/Customer Code or Manufacturer Related code.  This is useful when you are entering from a sales report or commission statement that has the manufacturer’s customer code.

Sales Rep – By selecting Enter the cursor will STOP at the first Sales Rep field (primary).  By selecting Skip the cursor will SKIP the first Sales Rep field primary.

Sales Rep (%) – Commission split percentage for the primary sales rep.

  • Enter (default) – Allows operator to enter an override for the rep split.
  • Skip – Bypass this field.

Multiple Sales Rep % – Allows entry of second and third sales reps and their commission split percentages.  Note:  Rep (%) must be active.

  • Enter (default) – Sets the fields as active; however, the cursor skips over these fields to minimize keystrokes during entry.  You can use the Shift-Tab keys to go back and change these fields.
  • Skip – Bypass this field.

P.O. No. – Allows entry of the Purchase Order number.

  • Enter – The cursor stops at this field for entry of each purchase order number.
  • Skip (default) – bypass this field.

Invoice No. – Allows entry of the invoice number.

  • Enter (default) – Cursor appears in this field for entry of each invoice number.
  • Skip – Bypass this field.

Invoice Date – Allows entry of the invoice date.

  • Enter (default) – The cursor stops at this field for each invoice.
  • Skip – The field stays active but the cursor does not stop at this field.  You can use the mouse or the Shift-Tab keys to go back and change the invoice date.

Post Month – Sets the month/year for posting of the sales entry.  (Field is always active but the cursor does not stop at this field to minimize keystrokes.  You can use the Shift-Tab keys or the mouse to go back and change it.  If you change this field, it changes back to the original setting after the current entry is saved.)

  • InvMth (default) – Uses the month and year from the invoice date as Post Month.  This is the default setting for dynaMACS.
  • PrMth – Uses the Process Month as the Post Month.  The Process Month is in the yellow box under the Options toolbar on the Sales Entry screen.  If this month and year is not correct, cancel the session and start over.

Non-Comm/Total $ – Allows entering non-commissionable amount to calculate the total for the entry.

  • Enter (default) – Cursor stops in this field after entering Sales ($) amount to enter freight or discounts.
  • Skip – bypass this field.

Commission – Activates the field for entering commission by amount of percentage.

  • Comm$ (default) – Activates the Commission$ field to enter a commission amount.
  • Comm% – Activates the Comm% field to enter a commission percentage.

Tip #1402 – Using Sales IQ to Identify New Customers for a Manufacturer

Sales IQ has a unique feature that will allow you to identify new customers by identifying those that had no sales activity in the previous year but have purchased in the current year.  This can be accomplished by using Display New Sales YTD or MTD.

To Identify This Year’s New Customers for a Manufacturer:

  1. From the Sales IQ screen select the Manufacturer tab.
  2. Right click on a manufacturer and select Show Customers. Sales IQ Home
  3. Select This YTD from the Display New Sales drop down list.
  4. Select the Refresh button.Sales IQ Home 2
  5. You will notice that the list has been filtered to display only customers with YTD sales that had NO sales in the previous year for this manufacturer.Sales IQ Home 3

Tip #1401 – dynaMACS File Transfer/Combine Wizard

The Mfg/Cst/Rep Transfer (1)screen has been modified to include a “wizard” button which when selected will help make the transfer process easier for you.

Old Screen . . .

Transfer Combine Screen - Old

New Screen . . .

Transfer Combine Screen - New

When selecting the Wizard button the File Transfer Wizard screen will open. This screen is designed to help ease you through the File Transfer/Combine process.

Wizard Screen


In the following example we will transfer all data from a customer to a new sales rep.

  1. From the File Transfer Wizard screen select the Customer option from the drop down list in the I Want to Transfer or Combine all data for a: Wizard Screen 2
  2. Select the SalesRep option from the drop down list in the To a different:field.
  3. Select the Proceed To Selection button.Wizard Screen 3
  4. You will notice that after selecting the Proceed To Selection button, the Customer field and the Sales Rep field have been activated in the Transfer Data From and Transfer Data To section of the screen.This screen is very similar to the regular File Transfer/Combine (1) screen, only it will take the guess work out of it by allowing you to only enter data into the fields that have been activated based on your selections in the upper portion of the screen.Wizard_Step4
  5. Enter the Customer Code or use the Search button to find the code.In this example we will use Adel’s Dist ADED00 location Cincinnati>CI.
  6. For the Sales Rep we will use BG for Bill Grey.
  7. Select the Proceed button.At this point the file transfer process will proceed as normal.Wizard_Step567

Case Study: J & K Sales Associates

“The software is so flexible. We can see data in so many different ways and drill down for more details. It gives us a deeper understanding of the agency’s performance.”

Helen Degli-Angeli, Operations Manager
J & K Sales Associates

J_&_K_Sales_LogoClient Challenge

dynaMACS takes reporting capabilities to new levels. J & K Sales Associates was using custom-built reporting software to track agency sales and commissions in conjunction with their distributor software. But the two didn’t play well together.

“Running reports took forever,” says Operations Manager Helen Degli-Angeli. In addition, there was a limited selection of reports available. Slowing processes more, any new reports or report changes required a programmer.

J_&_K_Sales_StatisticsdynaMACS Solution

While the custom software drained agency resources, dynaMACS freed up time. Degli-Angeli sums up dynaMACS in two words: faster and easier.

Degli-Angeli discussed other benefits of dynaMACS:


Processes like report generation and importing manufacturer sales and commission information are streamlined. The powerful software does the heavy lifting, reducing the agency’s administrative tasks.


From one complete database users can see buy-sell sales, rep commissions and more, for a complete view of the agency’s performance.


The flexibility to select data by manufacturer, customer or rep is key Degli-Angeli says, “The flexibility to see data in so many different ways and drill down for more information gives us a deeper level of understanding into our agency’s performance.”


dynaMACS reduces the human error involved with manually re-typing data to transfer it from one system to another. Importing information with dynaMACS eSi is automatic and instantaneous.

Tip #1312 – Using dynaMACS to analyze both your rep numbers and buy/resell numbers in one place

Many agencies operate as distributors for some of their lines. Using eSi you can import the distributor sales numbers into dynaMACS which will allow you to analyze your entire business in one place.

To achieve this you would first set up Manufacturer Type codes of BS (Buy/Resell) and CM (Commissions) and then relate each manufacturer record to the appropriate type. In the following example the manufacturer code LJm is classified as a Buy/Resell and is related to manufacturer LJM

Mfg Maint Screen

You can then filter in Sales IQ on the Typecode BS which will display all of your sales activity for this type code.

Filters Screen

The following example displays only the activity for the Manufacturer Type code B5.

SIQ Screen 1

The following example is the Sales IQ screen showing commission by manufacturers PLUS Buy/Resell on the same screen.

SIQ Screen 2

Check out our case studies on to read about our Buy/Resell client’s experiences using dynaMACS to analyze their entire business in one place.

Case Study: Pacific Warehouse Sales

It’s crucial that our salespeople are connected to information at all times, no matter where they are. dynaMACS gives us that ability and much more.”

Deb Kanne, President
Pacific Warehouse Sales

Pacific_Warehouse_Sales_LogoClient Challenge

Pacific Warehouse Sales knows the power of technology and its ability to fuel efficiency and operations. However, the software they were using was outdated. It wasn’t user friendly and it wasn’t compatible with today’s newer computers. It was time for newer, better sales agency software.


Pacific_Warehouse_Sales_StatisticsdynaMACS Solution

Deb Kanne, President of Pacific Warehouse Sales, explained that the agency selected dynaMACS because it was created specifically for sales agencies, so it has all the features Pacific needs to operate and sell at maximum capacity.

Particularly for the sales team, who live and work in geographies scattered across the western United States, Kanne says, “It’s crucial that our salespeople are connected to information, no matter where they are. dynaMACS gives us that ability and much more.”

The Pacific Warehouse sales team, all of whom have iPads or laptops, are able to access the most up-to-date sales and commission numbers immediately from wherever they are.

Pacific Warehouse Sales is on the cloud. So when the operator enters sales and commission information, it is updated instantly on the cloud. All office locations and every sales rep can access the most up-to-date information at any given moment.

An unexpected benefit has come from the agency’s use of dynaMACS. “Customers are impressed by it. We are able to show them real-time information. Before dynaMACS, the customers didn’t know if lines are up for down. The sales managers of the lines we represent are always impressed,” Kanne says.

For her job, Kanne find Sales IQ to be useful and easy-to-use. She can view data any way she likes. “I can drill down to information sorted by manufacturer, customers or salesmen. It’s a great tool that is extremely informative and helps me work more efficiently.”