Tip #1307 – Analyzing Top and Bottom Performing Accounts

Did you know that you can review your top 20 and bottom 20 performing customers in a simple one page report?

The Sales Analysis Report Generator is a powerful feature of dynaMACS that provides you with virtually limitless possibilities for generating vital sales and commission reports.

Using the Sales Analysis Report Generator we will demonstrate how you can create a sales and commission report that will summarize total agency performance and identify the top and bottom 20 customers based on year-to-date sales increase/decrease.

1. From the dynaMACS main screen select the Report icon and then the Sales Analysis icon.

Main Screen

2. Select Shipment for the Source of Data.

3. Select the Column Set of Sales and Agency Commission then highlight G4.

4. Select Sub-Totals Group of Customer then highlight C1

5. Check the Descend By box

6. Select Option 9 – Sales-Comp YTDs from the Descend By Options List.

Sales Analysis Reports Screen 1

7. In the Select Range or Top/Bottom dialog box select the Select Top/Bottom Range radio button.        

8. Enter 20 in the Top field and in the Bottom field and select the OK button.

Select Range Dialog Box Note

9. Check the Summarize Locations box.  This will combine individual locations into a total for the headquarters for customers with multiple locations.

Sales Analysis Reports Screen 2

10. Select the Print button.

Sales Analysis Reports Screen 3

11. The Top 20 customers are displayed with the greatest Y-T-D sales increase.

12. A Summary of “All Other” customers is displayed

13. The Bottom 20 customers are displayed with the greatest Y-T-D sales decrease.

Sample Report

*This document is based on dynaMACS version 2012

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